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Vermeer Vermeer CT1010TX Copy Feature: Patented elevating face Description: The 10' x 10' (3 m x 3 m) elevating.. Product #: CT10

Vermeer CT1010TX Copy

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Item id: CT10

Model: CT1010TX

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Feature: Patented elevating face
Description: The 10' x 10' (3 m x 3 m) elevating face enables organic material to be lifted, aerated, and replaced with a minimal amount of degradation of the material itself. The vane-style option allows material to be placed in a windrow directly behind the machine, while the cross conveyor option can turn a continuous stack or pile 9' high (3 m), shifting it to the left and maximizing material placement on the site.
Benefits: Elevating face system allows machine to be used on compost sites with either stack or windrow configurations and provides minimal unwanted degradation to the organic material.
Feature: SmartTrack
Description: An Advanced Control System MRC Controller monitors elevating face pressure and slows or stops the ground drive when the face pressure reaches a predetermined level.
Benefits: This feature can increase machine and jobsite productivity by reducing operator interface.
Feature: Shear bolt mounted teeth
Description: Each of the 517 elevating face teeth are mounted with two 3/8” (.95 cm) bolts – one grade 5 that serves as a shear mechanism, one grade 8 that serves as a retainer.
Benefits: When a tooth strikes a hard object in the compost material or on the ground, it will shear the grade 5 bolt and fold back against the face. This minimizes tooth damage or the possibility of losing the tooth in the compost material. Repair costs and service time are both reduced.
Feature: Dual track propel system
Description: D4 triple grouser track shoes are used on the 86” (218 cm) long left track assembly and the 58” (147 cm) long right track assembly. Straight tracking is provided by an operator-controlled trim knob.
Benefits: Dual track systems increase traction over wheeled units and produce less ground pressure to aid in working non paved compost sites.
Feature: Two-speed ground drive
Description: Track propel system provides maximum speeds in high range of 3.2 miles/hr (5.1 km/hr) and low range of 6.5 ft/min (2.0 m/min)
Benefits: Transport and cycle time to travel back to the start of the next pass through compost stack are reduced with high speed range. Low range provides controllability in wet heavy material.
Feature: Hydrostatic controls
Description: The machine’s elevating face and optional conveyor are controlled with independent reversible hydrostatic pumps. The dual tracks are controlled with independent, variable flow, and reversible hydrostatic pumps. All pumps are directly mounted to the engine pump drive unit.
Benefits: Gives the operator complete and independent control of primary functions.
Feature: Primary function joy stick controls
Description: Elevating face, optional conveyor, and ground drive functions are all controlled with comfortable ergonomic dual joy stick controls.
Benefits: Minimizes operator movements and reduces fatigue.
Feature: Single touch elevating face and conveyor on/off control
Description: Single switch activates the conveyor and 3 seconds later starts the elevating face. Same switch turns off the elevating face and 3 seconds later stops the elevating face.
Benefits: The staggered start and stop prevents operator error that could result in plugging the conveyor and wasting time to manually clean out. adjustment for varying ground contours.
Feature: LCD display with push-button controls
Description: Provides highly visible monitoring of operational performance, including: hydraulic pressure to face, conveyor and track; fuel gauge; engine rpm, coolant temperature and oil pressure.
Benefits: Easy-to-interpret monitoring on the fly.
Feature: Hydraulic reversing fan
Description: Reversible hydraulic motor driven fan automatically changes direction to clear debris from radiator screen. Operator can choose the frequency and duration of reverse function.
Benefits: Minimizes possibility of engine overheating due to debris buildup on radiator screen.
Feature: Operator comfort
Description: Cab environment includes a variety of features designed for operator convenience and comfort, including a fully adjustable seat, cab pressurization with self-adjusting climate controls, 12 volt accessory plug-ins, AM/FM/CD sound system, and large windows with front and side wiper/washer systems.
Benefits: Operator comfort promotes operator productivity. Large expanses of windows provide excellent visibility.
Feature: Active carbon cab air filtration
Description: Cab pressurization and climate control system includes an easily serviceable active carbon air filter.
Benefits: Active carbon filtration aids in removing odors and fumes as well as dust and dirt particles.