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Vermeer Walkbehind Trencher Walk behind trenchers are ideal for a variety of projects, and now Vermeer has one thats so easy to .. Product #: RTX130

Walkbehind Trencher

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Item id: RTX130

Model: RTX 130

Location: San Juan

Contact: Rental Dept

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Walk behind trenchers are ideal for a variety of projects, and now Vermeer has one thats so easy to use it hardly seems like work.  The RTX100 features our exclusive VZ steering system, which makes steering a breeze - even in the toughest of turns.  With the RTX100 walk behind trencher, users can maneuver easily into confined job sites and even counterrotate from a stationary position.

Equipped with interchangeable tyres or tracks, the RTX100 walk behind trencher offers a whole new level of flexibility and versatility for the jobsite.  The rubber trucks enhance floatation and tractive effort when working in difficult ground conditions.  Simply bolt on the rubber tyres for optimal maneuverability.

The RTX100 offers the durability and rugged construction expected in Vermeer equipment, and its easy operation makes it a smart addition to any fleet.

Feature: Directional control/handlebar steering
Benefit: 1) This system allows all types of operators to intuitively guide the machine in the intended direction of travel with minimal effort. 2) This type of steering system eliminates the need for additional levers or steering wheels to maneuver the machine simplifying the overall operation so less training is required. 3) The directional control bar also provides an additional leverage point if tractive effort is compromised due to slippery ground conditions.

Feature: Zero turn steering 
Benefit: The RTX100 can maneuver in and around confined spaces and around obstacles where other machines cannot.

Feature: Interchangeable Tires/Tracks 
Benefit: Interchangeable tires and tracks allow the machine to be configured for maximum productivity in varying ground conditions. A separate model platform is not required to add the other option after purchase.

Cutting Depth : 24 inches

Cutting Width: 4 inches

Engine 1
Model & Make  Honda GX390
Fuel Type  Gas
Horsepower (gross)  13 hp 9.7 kw
Displacement  23.7 cu-in 388.4 cu-cm
Number of Cylinders  1
Cooling Medium  Forced air
Maximum operating angle (fore/aft) 25 deg
Maximum operating angle (left/right) 25 deg
Engine 2
Make and Model  Kohler CH15
Fuel Type  Gas
Horsepower (gross)  15 hp 11.2 kw
Displacement  26 cu-in 426.1 cu-cm
Fuel Tank  1.61 gal 6.1 L
Hydraulic Tank  10 gal 37.9 L
Hydraulic System  10.5 gal 39.7 L
Ground Drive
Type  Hydrostatic
Type  Zero turn via mechanical linkage/handle bars
Chain Speed  320 ft/min 97.5 m/min
Chain Tensile Strength  34000 lbs 15422.1 kg